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Erasmustears are a thing...

If you participate in Erasmusprojects, you never stay the same!


With the accreditation, we want to establish Erasmusprojects reinforcing our school policies in three different fields:

1. student's wellbeing, inclusion

2. European citizenship

3. Accent on (non curricular) talent

We also aim to internationalise and professionalise our staff by sending yearly more than 40 people abroad.


Participating in Erasmusprojects is so much more than just going abroad. Before taking off, we expect a solid effort from students and teachers to carry out a project. For home mobilities, we expect the same amount of effort, enthousiasm, open-mindedness and flexibility.

Seeing our students grow into self confident, grounded, open-minded, multilingual individuals is the most rewarding experience we could have!

Team Erasmus.jpg

Planning future projects

Teamwork makes the dream work! Behind every project, there is a team of dedicated teachers working behind the scenes to make the magic happen. In the school year of 2022-23 we focus on

1. building new partnerships

2. working with Europass

3. Planning further mobilities for '24-'25


Spending some time in another country is a great way to learn about new cultures and develop new skills through a range of different experiences. Europass Mobility helps to capture and communicate those valuable new skills and experiences gained during a traineeship, volunteering or a semester abroad in a widely recognised way. 

Europass Mobility is a document which describes the skills you develop on a particular mobility experience. The document can include information on your roles and responsibilities, job-related skills, language skills, digital skills, organisation and managerial skills, communication skills. These skills can be very valuable when applying for jobs and courses in the future. With your Europass Mobility you will be able to simply update your Europass profile with the skills and information from it and store it in your Europass library.

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Participating at an Erasmus+ project was an unforgettable experience for our students!

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