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Erasmus+ Projects '23-'24

In January 2023, the GO! Atheneum Oostend obtained the accreditation for Erasmus+ projects. A team of driven teachers developed a five year plan to reinforce with financial support of the EU our school policies in three different fields: 

1. Increase student's well being, inclusion

2. European Citizenship

3. Accent on (non curricular) talent

For the school year 2023-24, we established partnerships with Spain, Greece, Romania, Italy and Germany. Click on the projects below to find more information about each project!

Erasmus+ projects '22-'23

During the school year 2022-23, the projects PGAC (Peace Global Active Citizenship) and Art for All will be finalized. The taskforce internationalisation applies succesfully for an accreditation of Erasmusprojects which will be granted on January 1st 2023. Behind the scenes, they are very busy planning group mobilities, job-shadowing opportunities and hosting partners for the next school year. Click on the projects below to get to know more about the projects!

Erasmus+ Projects '21-'22

After lockdowns put all projects on hold, the schoolyear '21-22 starts full of hope. The projects Sm@rtstuff and LGTBQ+ are rebooted and SWORD, Art for All and PGAC are launched. Unfortunately, new variants, spikes in cases and lockdowns in the winter make it very difficult to plan and host mobilities. In the end, we do host four home mobilities in the spring and continue the projects with grit! 


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