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Parlement européen

PGAC - Peace Global Active Citizenship

The project focuses on aspects as integration, equality, sustainability, environment protection, volunteering and knowledge of the common European roots of partner countries, aiming to find keys to empower intercultural dialogue, to reduce social and cultural barriers, to develop civic and social competences which encourage inclusion, democracy, and civic participation. Emphasis is placed on 6 interdisciplinary topics:
1) the Constitution of partner countries, and the Declaration of Human Rights.
2) Stereotypes and prejudices
3) Environmental protection and sustainable development
4) Inclusion and equality
5) Climate change
6) Volunteering for the school or the community.

Our partner schools: 
Jyväskylän kristillinen opisto, Jyväskyla, Finland

Agrupamento de Escolas Santos Simões, Guimarães, Portugal

First Geniko Lukeio, Kilkis, Greece

Liceo Scientifico Statale "G. Galilei", Potenza, Italy (coordinating school)



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Convivium Galileianum section arts

The stop-motion animation movie ,,Tides'' of our students Sofie Van Dycke, Marilou Blomme en Amélie Defer got us an honourable mention at the Convivium Galileianum (section arts) during the mobility in Potenza!


Convivium Galileianum section essay

Amaury Garcia en Elena Naessens also received an honourable mention for their essay ,,Living under the authoritarian Taliban regime'' (section essay). Amaury edited his research task for human sciences in English: ,,The primary purpose of my article is to study what the psychological implications are when living under an oppressive authoritarian regime with the Taliban as a case in point. First, I will discuss what an oppressive authoritarian regime is and why the Taliban is a good example of such regimes. Secondly, I will study two testimonials of individuals who have experienced life under the Taliban regime. Finally I will argue that the psychological implications of living under such a regime are (1) a loss of identity, (2) PTSD and (3) anxiety disorders.''

Mobility to Potenza (Italy)

The mobility to Potenza focused on volunteering for the school and our community. We also participated in the Galileo Galilei contest and received two honourable mentions!


Mobility to Greece

From the 11th of March until the 18th, our delegation will be hosted in Kilkis and working on the human rights and the origins of democracy.

Mobility to Portugal

In Portugal, our students worked on environmental issues and sustainable energy.


Home mobility

During our home mobility, we worked on themes such as cultural heritage, peace education, inclusivity, equality and the EU-institutions.

Mobility to Finland

The mobility in Finland focused on stereotypes and prejudices as well as environmental protection.

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