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Democracy and media

This projects focuses on European Citizenship and media. With our partner from the Friedensburg-Oberschule in Berlin, our aim is to develop digital skills in a media club, stimulate critical thinking and found democratic student councils.

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We are happy to welcome these members in our team: Oona Bossier (6WWI2), Jade Vanderschaeghe (6WWI2), Shanti Nierijnck (6WWI2), Bo Hoezen (6HWE2), Amber Daems (6HWE1), Naomi Lebluy (6HWE1), Alina Inavi (6HWE1), Jutta Mortelmans (6TWE1), Fiona Louage (6TWE1) and Anouk Vandeput (6EMT1).


Mobility in Ostend

Sunday 09/10/23, the delegation of the Friedensburg-Oberschule of Berlin came to visit Ostend for a week. Click on the video to watch what we did during our home mobility!


Our first Erasmusnews broadcast!

During the mobile journalism workshop, the students learned how to create a news broadcast. Click on the video to watch the news!


European Youth Parliament 2023

During "Ostend 23", members of Democracy and Media, Dare to Speak and Empowering Young voices wrote and presented resolutions for the EU Youth Parliament. Here you can see Anouk Vandeput speaking on reproductive rights.


Mobility to Berlin

The Belgian delegation used green travel to arrive in Berlin on Saturday 2/03/24. During a whole week, they discovered the Friedensburg-Oberschule in Berlin, the city and its institutions for democracy and media. They learned especially a lot about how to run the student council succesfully. Click on the video to see what they have been up to in Berlin!

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